Five Singapore shopping experiences every woman must consider

#1 PARCO Marina Bay

PARCO Marina Bay

Located in Millenia Walk District, this shopping center helps you enjoy all the serenity you need while flipping through your favorite products. You will be able to update your wardrobes and get all sorts of trendy accessories during your visit to this place. The eateries in the area are open an hour after all the other shops close and hence you can definitely order a fabulous dinner once you’re done with the shopping spree.

#2 Palais Renaissance

Palais Renaissance1

If you want to shop for the most popular brands in the world during your trip to Singapore, there’s no better place than Palais Renaissance. The mall is located in Orchard Road and the number of shops available in this fabulous mall will definitely amaze you. You should go for car rental Singapore if you want to enjoy your shopping experience in this place to the fullest. Depending on cabs will bring in a huge difference to your total expenses.

#3 Orchard Central

Orchard Central.

This is another splendid shopping option for the ladies. The mall is an architectural masterpiece and you will definitely love each and every minute spent here. You can shop for dresses, footwear, bags, electronic items, and collectibles during your visit to this mall. If you get a good offer from a Singapore car hire company, you will be able to travel back to your hotel rooms with greater ease.

#4 Park Mall

Park Mall

If you want to shop for interior décor items during your trip to Singapore, Park Mall would be the ideal choice. You can also buy fabulous attire that matches with the latest trends in global fashion at amazing rates from this mall. Every woman will love the time spend in this mall shopping for interior furnishing items and decorative stuff.

#5 ION Orchard

ION Orchard

This shopping center would be your one-stop-shop for all sorts of items you would need. There are more than 300 shops in this place that sells products belonging to all sorts of price ranges. Special offers are provided for tourists visiting the country from different parts of the globe.

If you choose weekly car hire Singapore from one the reputed providers in the country, you will be able to enjoy your trips to these amazing shopping centers without any sorts of hassles.


Renting a car at Christmas time in Singapore – Remember to book on time!

Renting a car at Christmas time in SingaporeIf you want to celebrate Christmas season in great grandeur, Singapore would be a fabulous place to be! The mind-blowing fireworks that you get to enjoy from Marina Sands, the colorfully lit up city view from the Bay area and the all-night parties taking place at all major restaurants, bars, and pubs in the country will make sure that you have endless fun during the festive days. In order to have uninterrupted fun, you should take care of your travel needs well in advance. Depending on trains and buses wouldn’t be a great idea when the country experiences a heavy flow of tourists. You should make your bookings in advance with a reputed Singapore car hire company without fail.

Majority of the rental companies are overbooked during the Christmas season. If you wait till the last minute, you will end up paying exorbitant prices on rentals or hiring cabs emptying your wallet. To avoid all the trouble, choose a P plate car rental company that has all sorts of vehicles on offer. You can place your bookings as soon as your leaves are approved by your employer in your home country. Make use of the amazing facilities offered by rental companies in Singapore. Once you have the travel dates ready, you will be able to choose between monthly and weekly car hire Singapore. If you make advanced reservation during Christmas season, you can make sure you enjoy the splendid nightlife in the country which gets better during the Christmas days and also enjoy amazing discounts. You will be able to drive around in your favorite brand of automobile and spend all the time you need at the popular hangouts in the country. You will be able to party all night and get back to your hotels without any hassle. You will be able to explore the food options available at major food stalls that come up with special offers during the Christmas month. If you have the time, you can stay back to enjoy the ceremonious New Year celebrations that take place in the country which is packed with entertainment options!

What is the best way to rent a car to travel in Singapore?

car rental SingaporeRenting a car in Singapore is not a tough task today because majority of the rental companies in the country offer online reservation facilities.

You can choose a good company with the help of the internet. When you browse through the major travel portals you will come be able to identify the best services on car rental Singapore. If you are on a business trip to the country, you should choose a rental provider that offers airport transfer services. This will help you to save a lot of time. You should always look at the facilities and freebies provided by the rental companies before choosing a deal. You need make sure that the facilities provided are of good use to you.

The rental company you choose for a leisure trip in Singapore should have a large fleet of vehicles. You should be able to drive around in a vehicle that provides you with optimum comfort depending on the number of people accompanying you. The young drivers in SEO are also provided with attractive rates by many of the rental companies. The more experienced drivers who have a good track record behind the wheels will however be provided with the best rates.

You should search for the most attractive offers before you rent a car in Singapore. Some of the rental providers come up with special offers from time to time which will help you to enjoy special rates for specific periods. You might be able to drive around in a premium luxury car at a very low rate if your travel dates match with the offer period listed by the rental provider. You should hence take a look at special offers without fail before choosing a deal. If you are lucky enough, you might even be able to grab the seat behind the wheels of your dream car at an unbelievable rate using the promotional offers gives out by the top rental companies.

Some useful tips to hire a car in Singapore

car hire in SingaporeThe need for a car for visitors:

As you know Singapore is a popular tourist spot as also a business center. Thousands of people visit this island either for tour or on business visits. Most of these visitors will have tight schedule and therefore they cannot afford to spend time on public transport. It is for this reason; these visitors look for car hire in Singapore. These visitors look for some of the reputed cars hire agencies where they hire the car either for the day or for the duration of their visit.

Different models available:

One of the salient features of Singapore car hire company is they offer you different models of cars like sports car, SUV as also budget cars on hire. You can choose any of models available with the car rental agency. Naturally, the car rental depends on the model of the car you have chosen. The car rental agency will also provide you the services of an experienced chauffer. In fact, many of the car rental agencies also provide the services of experienced tourist guide. While hiring the car you will have to specify the duration for which you require the car. Normally, many of the car rental agencies will give discounts on cars hired for longer duration.

Points to be cared about:

Before hiring the car, you should ascertain about the rental pattern. Be specific about the number of days for which you want to hire the car. Normally, the agency will expect you to return the car on the appointed day because they will have to meet the booking made by other customer for the same car. In the normal course, tour operators suggest that you should book your car sufficiently in advance. This is particularly true during tourists season which starts from mid march to beginning of June. In fact, you can book your car online also. There are also several budget car rental Singapore where you will get exclusive models of budget cars. Before hiring the car you should ensure that the car rental agency gives you a copy of the relevant documents like the registration certificate and so on. You should also ensure the driver has valid driving license.

Why do people buy cars with manual transmission?

Singapore car hire companyWhen you decide to buy a car, you will be provided with two choices – the ones running on automatic transmission and the ones with a manual gearbox. Majority of the people prefer the cars with a manual gearbox even though sifting gears is not always the most comfortable things to do, especially on the busy roads. However, majority of the people do not consider this as a setback. Here are some of the reasons.

Better traveling comfort is provided by the cars that have manual transmission. Majority of the chauffeur driven vehicles are powered by engines that run on manual transmission because of the better comfort provided. Even though the gears are to be shifted often, the ride quality would be better when you choose vehicles with manual transmission. The engine will be smoother and the maintenance would also be easier. Even when you go for short term car hire Singapore, getting a vehicle with a manual gearbox is a much better option if you want to enjoy your rides.

Easy acceleration is provided by the cars that run on manual transmission. You will be able to increase the speeds according to your needs in an easier manner if you shift the gears and apply full throttle. The time taken by the cars with auto-transmission to achieve the same speed levels would be quite higher. The rate of acceleration is always better for cars running on manual transmission. Majority of the people who choose weekly car rental Singapore, prefer cars with manual transmission because of the better acceleration provided.

You will have a greater variety of cars to choose from when you go for cars with manual transmission. Not all models of cars are available with an auto-transmission engine system. However majority of the vehicles that run on auto transmission are available with a manual gearbox too. When you look at the fleet of vehicles at a Singapore car hire company, you will definitely find more cars with manual transmission. There will be very limited vehicles powered by an auto-transmission engine. If you want more options to choose from, cars with manual transmission would definitely be the better choice.

Tips to save money on car rentals in Singapore

short term car hire SingaporeWhen you travel to Singapore, you would require a private vehicle for your sightseeing trips. You will be able to save a lot of time and enjoy great amounts of privacy when you travel by a car. Taxis and public transport facilities in the country are well equipped to handle the needs of all travelers but it will not provide the same amount of convenience as that given by a personal vehicle. Buying a new car to suffice your needs during a vacation would not be a practical idea and hence the better option would be to rent a car. If you make your selections after careful analysis of various factors, you can avail car rental Singapore at wallet-friendly rates.

First of all, you should understand that the cars that are available in Singapore might be different from what you would see in your homeland. Some of the renowned car manufacturers might change the brand names of their hot selling cars in different countries. There would also be changes in the overall features of the popular cars. Hence, you should take a look at the detailed specifications of different cars available in the country before choosing one of them. When you rent a car that serves all your travel needs in the country, you will be able save quite a few bucks. Depending on the number of people accompanying you and the nature of your rides in the country, you can select an apt car.

Comparing the offers provided by different car rental companies in the country is something that you should not forget. When you compare the rates, you will be able to identify the average prices for each type of car. Be it a hatchback, sedan, sports car or a luxury car you will be able to avail the best price when you shop around and compare the rates. When you do the comparisons, you will understand that the rates offered by the car rental companies located close to the airports are different from the ones that are located elsewhere. However, if you place your bookings in advance, you will be able to enjoy the best deal with ease.

If go for car for hire in Singapore after considering your period of stay in the country, you will be able to make smart choices. If you are planning to stay in the country for a long time, you should check out the long term car rental deals before choosing any other plans. If your period of stay in the country is not too short, you might still be able to get an attractive deal when you check out the offers provided by various rental companies for short term car hire Singapore. Compared to daily rentals, you might be able save few extra bucks when you avail this service.

You should choose the car insurance services provided by the rental company only in order to save your money. If you choose a third-party provider for the insurance you might end up wasting a lot of money. The best deals are always provided by the rental companies in the country. However, make sure that you do not drive the car out of the garage of the rental company before availing the insurance services.

These tips will help you to save quite a lot of bucks while renting a car in the country.

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