10-step plan to driving on holiday in Singapore

#1 Choose a good place

Choose a good place

In order to enjoy the perfect holiday in Singapore, you need to choose a place first. There are different types of vacation spots available in the country. You can choose Sentosa Islands if you want to enjoy an all-inclusive vacation with family. You can also visit museums, gardens, zoos, recreational spots, and amazing entertainment zones depending on the kind of fun you intend to have. Making a list of places to visit is the key factor though.

#2 Understand the route

Understanding the correct route1

In order to enjoy your drive during a holiday trip, you should understand the route map well. It will be good if you can check with your friends for the major landmarks on your way. You can also do this with ease if you install a GPS navigation system when you rent a car in Singapore.

#3 Identify the best rental deal

Identify the best rental deal

You should take a look at the best rental deals available on your preferred dates of travel. If you are traveling with young drivers, you will have to check for rental providers who offer best rates. Some of the P plate car rental offers come with excess fares. You need to shop around and choose the best deal in order to enjoy a wallet-friendly trip.

#4 Choose a good car

Choose a good car

Once you understand the route well, you will be in a better position to choose the car you would want to drive. Depending on the number of people accompanying, terrain, and the length of the trip, you can make your choice between hatchbacks, sedans, and SUVs.

#5 Identify the places for breaks

Identify the places for breaks

You need to take a look at the route map and identify the best spots on your way for breaks. Do not go on long drives without sufficient breaks in between.

#6 Choose the essentials


You should carry all the things that you would require during the trip. This should be chosen based on the people traveling with you and also the place you’re planning to visit. Emergency medicines and water bottles should not be missed out.

#7 Avoid unnecessary baggage

Avoid unnecessary baggage

You should travel light in order to enjoy the trip to the fullest. Make sure that you do not carry too many dresses, accessories, and other stuff which might not turn out to be of any use during the trip.

#8 Keep a check on the fuel policy

Keep a check on the fuel policy

You should make sure that you understand the fuel policy as stipulated by the rental provider. If you fail to follow this, you will be charged hefty amounts as fine when you return the vehicle.

#9 Start early

Start early

It’s always ideal to start a few minutes early in order to enjoy a relaxed trip. If you start early, you will be able to make up for any traffic congestions that you might experience on a holiday in the country.

#10 Follow the speed limits

Follow the speed limits

Following the speed limits to the core is very important when you are going on a vacation. You might get carried during the course of the trip which might force you to speed through the highways without keeping a check on the speed limits. This is not only dangerous but also an offense which might cost you a lot of money.


Renting a car at Christmas time in Singapore – Remember to book on time!

Renting a car at Christmas time in SingaporeIf you want to celebrate Christmas season in great grandeur, Singapore would be a fabulous place to be! The mind-blowing fireworks that you get to enjoy from Marina Sands, the colorfully lit up city view from the Bay area and the all-night parties taking place at all major restaurants, bars, and pubs in the country will make sure that you have endless fun during the festive days. In order to have uninterrupted fun, you should take care of your travel needs well in advance. Depending on trains and buses wouldn’t be a great idea when the country experiences a heavy flow of tourists. You should make your bookings in advance with a reputed Singapore car hire company without fail.

Majority of the rental companies are overbooked during the Christmas season. If you wait till the last minute, you will end up paying exorbitant prices on rentals or hiring cabs emptying your wallet. To avoid all the trouble, choose a P plate car rental company that has all sorts of vehicles on offer. You can place your bookings as soon as your leaves are approved by your employer in your home country. Make use of the amazing facilities offered by rental companies in Singapore. Once you have the travel dates ready, you will be able to choose between monthly and weekly car hire Singapore. If you make advanced reservation during Christmas season, you can make sure you enjoy the splendid nightlife in the country which gets better during the Christmas days and also enjoy amazing discounts. You will be able to drive around in your favorite brand of automobile and spend all the time you need at the popular hangouts in the country. You will be able to party all night and get back to your hotels without any hassle. You will be able to explore the food options available at major food stalls that come up with special offers during the Christmas month. If you have the time, you can stay back to enjoy the ceremonious New Year celebrations that take place in the country which is packed with entertainment options!

Why GPS Navigation system is important to drive through the Singapore roads

#1 You will not get lost

You will not get lost

There are quite a lot of places to visit in Singapore when you are on a leisure trip. The roads are well constructed and you will find signboards that will direct you to the major tourist attractions. However, if you happen to miss out a signboard or misread something, you might end up lost. If you install a GPS navigation system when you choose car rental Singapore, you will never face difficulties in reaching your preferred destinations.

#2 You can save money on fuel

You can save money on fuel

The GPS navigation systems will make sure that you take the right route to reach a place. You will not miss out on a turn or a crossroad when you follow the instructions provided by the navigation system. This will help you a lot in saving fuel. The instructions will be provided well in advance and you will have adequate time to prepare the vehicle to take a U-turn even.

#3 You can save your time

You can save your time

When you use GPS navigation system, you will be able to take shortcuts to reach a place. When you enter the destination after turning on your location, you will be provided with the shortest route to reach the place. The latest navigation systems used in the cars even allow users to update about traffic jams and road accidents. You might be able to get such useful information too when use a GPS navigation system. This will again help you to save a lot of time

#4 You will enjoy the trip better

You will enjoy the trip better

You will not face any sort of difficulties in traveling to places of your preference when you use GPS navigation systems. If you are using P plate car rental, the navigation system will help a lot in making the trip better because it will make tracking the vehicle easy. If you avail monthly or weekly car hire Singapore, the total amount of time and money saved due to the navigation system will indeed make your trip amazing.

Why car rental companies charge additional money from P plate holders

The rental companies in Singapore offer topnotch services to quite a lot of travelers visiting the island nation to serve various needs. The p-plate holders are however charged extra by majority of the rental companies. What makes P plate car rental expensive?

Lack of experience on the roads

experience on the roads

The rental companies are definitely looking for the best ways to avoid unnecessary expenses. Majority of the rental companies have tie-ups with service stations in order to keep the vehicles well maintained. The p-plate holders will not have a good experience on the roads and hence the vehicles driven by the young drivers are more prone to accidents. Hence, as an anticipatory measure, the rental companies charge additional amounts from the p-plate holders.

The maintenance costs would be higher

maintenance costs

When an expert driver takes the car out on the roads, he or she would be careful with the gear shifts and acceleration. A P-plate holder might not have the same level of expertise and this might cause incorrect gearshift patterns and poor acceleration methods. This will cause damages to the engines and the maintenance charges would be higher compared to the normal costs after the regular rentals. The risks of damages to the exteriors while parking the vehicle at busy corners are also high for the p-plate holders. This again is a reason for the high prices charged from p-plate holders.

The extra rates charged by insurance providers

insurance providersWhen you go for car rental Singapore, you cannot avoid paying the insurance charges. The insurance companies often charge extra amounts for the less-experienced drivers. The p-plate holders will have to pay few extra bucks to avail the insurance coverage while renting out a car. The age of a driver is a major factor when it comes to availing the best insurance plans. This charge will reflect up on the total rental rates too. This is hence another reason that forces the rental companies in the country to charge additional money from the p-plate holders.