10-step plan to driving on holiday in Singapore

#1 Choose a good place

Choose a good place

In order to enjoy the perfect holiday in Singapore, you need to choose a place first. There are different types of vacation spots available in the country. You can choose Sentosa Islands if you want to enjoy an all-inclusive vacation with family. You can also visit museums, gardens, zoos, recreational spots, and amazing entertainment zones depending on the kind of fun you intend to have. Making a list of places to visit is the key factor though.

#2 Understand the route

Understanding the correct route1

In order to enjoy your drive during a holiday trip, you should understand the route map well. It will be good if you can check with your friends for the major landmarks on your way. You can also do this with ease if you install a GPS navigation system when you rent a car in Singapore.

#3 Identify the best rental deal

Identify the best rental deal

You should take a look at the best rental deals available on your preferred dates of travel. If you are traveling with young drivers, you will have to check for rental providers who offer best rates. Some of the P plate car rental offers come with excess fares. You need to shop around and choose the best deal in order to enjoy a wallet-friendly trip.

#4 Choose a good car

Choose a good car

Once you understand the route well, you will be in a better position to choose the car you would want to drive. Depending on the number of people accompanying, terrain, and the length of the trip, you can make your choice between hatchbacks, sedans, and SUVs.

#5 Identify the places for breaks

Identify the places for breaks

You need to take a look at the route map and identify the best spots on your way for breaks. Do not go on long drives without sufficient breaks in between.

#6 Choose the essentials


You should carry all the things that you would require during the trip. This should be chosen based on the people traveling with you and also the place you’re planning to visit. Emergency medicines and water bottles should not be missed out.

#7 Avoid unnecessary baggage

Avoid unnecessary baggage

You should travel light in order to enjoy the trip to the fullest. Make sure that you do not carry too many dresses, accessories, and other stuff which might not turn out to be of any use during the trip.

#8 Keep a check on the fuel policy

Keep a check on the fuel policy

You should make sure that you understand the fuel policy as stipulated by the rental provider. If you fail to follow this, you will be charged hefty amounts as fine when you return the vehicle.

#9 Start early

Start early

It’s always ideal to start a few minutes early in order to enjoy a relaxed trip. If you start early, you will be able to make up for any traffic congestions that you might experience on a holiday in the country.

#10 Follow the speed limits

Follow the speed limits

Following the speed limits to the core is very important when you are going on a vacation. You might get carried during the course of the trip which might force you to speed through the highways without keeping a check on the speed limits. This is not only dangerous but also an offense which might cost you a lot of money.


5 tips to get best Car Rental deals in Singapore

car rental SingaporeChoose a car that suits your needs best
Driving around in a car that burns the least amount of fuel during your city rides and fits you and your companions comfortably should be the one you should choose from a car rental Singapore. You can choose from a wide range of hatchbacks, sedans, and SUVs according to your needs.

Check out the travel portals
The travel portals can shine some light regarding the best car rental deals in Singapore. You will be able to identify the ones chosen by travelers from around the world and it will also help you identify the kind of services that you can expect.

Take a look at the websites of popular rental companies
The top rental companies in the country will come up with periodic offers from time to time. You will be able to drive around in a fabulous machine at wallet-friendly rates when you checkout the offers displayed on the homepages of popular rental providers. You will be able to find the contact details of the company on the official website. Dial the number and ask for the best deal that would suffice your travel schedules.

Prepay for the rentals
Paying the rental amount in advance is another way of saving money as several car hire companies offer some discount when you book any of the car deals in advance and pay for it. You can do that through the online booking options provided by the rental companies after striking an attractive deal.

Negotiate with the executives
The executives at the rental companies can provide you with some extra discounts that would be much better than the rates initially offered. You will have to use your negotiation skills to get this done. Even if you are not a smooth talker, you do not have to worry.The car rental company’s executives can advice you on the better car deals according to your travel requirements and budget.

What is the best way to rent a car to travel in Singapore?

car rental SingaporeRenting a car in Singapore is not a tough task today because majority of the rental companies in the country offer online reservation facilities.

You can choose a good company with the help of the internet. When you browse through the major travel portals you will come be able to identify the best services on car rental Singapore. If you are on a business trip to the country, you should choose a rental provider that offers airport transfer services. This will help you to save a lot of time. You should always look at the facilities and freebies provided by the rental companies before choosing a deal. You need make sure that the facilities provided are of good use to you.

The rental company you choose for a leisure trip in Singapore should have a large fleet of vehicles. You should be able to drive around in a vehicle that provides you with optimum comfort depending on the number of people accompanying you. The young drivers in SEO are also provided with attractive rates by many of the rental companies. The more experienced drivers who have a good track record behind the wheels will however be provided with the best rates.

You should search for the most attractive offers before you rent a car in Singapore. Some of the rental providers come up with special offers from time to time which will help you to enjoy special rates for specific periods. You might be able to drive around in a premium luxury car at a very low rate if your travel dates match with the offer period listed by the rental provider. You should hence take a look at special offers without fail before choosing a deal. If you are lucky enough, you might even be able to grab the seat behind the wheels of your dream car at an unbelievable rate using the promotional offers gives out by the top rental companies.

Why are Honda vehicles not available at car rental agencies

monthly car hire SingaporeRenting a car in Singapore is the best way to travel around the country in a productive manner. You will be able to enjoy your time to the fullest when you go for cheap car hire in Singapore because of the amount of money you get to save and also the amazing privacy offered. When you check out the list of cars available for rent, you will not often come across a Honda vehicle. This is mainly because the company has set a standard around the globe to enhance the resale value of their vehicles.

The rental cars are known to be used quite roughly. Quite a lot of people who rent out a car for their trips, love to test the power of the vehicles and hence they drive pretty hard. This might cause damages to the engine and the body parts as well. If a vehicle is driven hard, the mileage of it will come down easily and the engine might also start producing irritating sounds. This will take away the smoothness you get to enjoy while taking the seat behind the wheels on a Honda vehicle. The Honda vehicles are quite popular for the stunning aerodynamic designs and the fabulous driving comforts offered. Both these would go for a toss if the vehicle is used in a very rough manner without adequate car.

Some of the rental companies offered Honda vehicles for monthly car hire Singapore. These companies will not however use it on daily rental deals. After each rental deal the vehicles are usually serviced by the rental company executives in order to make sure that the vehicle is in impeccable condition.

Honda usually does not provide special rates to the rental companies unlike other automobile manufacturers. This is another reason that keeps companies that offer budget car hire Singapore away from adding Honda automobiles to their fleets. There is however very few companies that offer Honda vehicles to premium customers but the rental rates are usually quite higher compared to the other vehicles.

What are the best options if you are looking for budget car rental?

hire a car in SingaporeThere are plenty of ways by which you can save money on car rentals in Singapore. Compared to all other modes of transport available in the country, you will be able to travel around comfortably at wallet-friendly rates when you hire a car in Singapore. Your selection of cars will bring in a huge difference to the expenses incurred while renting a car in the country.

Hatchbacks are the favorite options for people looking for budget car rental Singapore. Hatchbacks of all major automobile companies are available in Singapore. You will be able to enjoy the city rides with ease and park your vehicle without any difficulties when you make this choice.

Mid-size sedans are another great option if you are looking for a comfortable vehicle that would be easy on your pocket in the country. This is also the category of vehicles that is usually promoted most by the rental companies. The greatest advantage of choosing mid-size sedans is that it provides better leg space than hatchbacks without bringing huge differences in the rental rates. You will be able to sit back and relax if you are assigning the task of driving to someone accompanying you. If you are fond of driving, you can enjoy the rides to the fullest because majority of the mid-size sedans come with a power-packed engine.

Battery cars are another great option to enjoy your rides without burning a hole in your pockets during your trip to Singapore. When you get a battery car for hire in Singapore, you will be able to avoid the fuel expenses. Premium companies offer battery cars in the country which will help you to enjoy optimum comforts at real low rates.

You can select a car for rent in the country after going through the large fleet of vehicles offered by the company. Check the fuel economy rates along with the rental charges in  order to make the most cost effective option.

What are the rules for car rental in Singapore?

car rental in SingaporeSingapore is a country that is visited by quite a lot of tourists around the world, every day. This is mainly because of the tourist-friendly norms prevailing in the country. You will hence be able to enjoy topnotch facilities without going through any sort of difficulties. You can rent a car in Singapore with ease if you choose a good rental company. Here are the major rules that you need to know.

You need to be at least 18 years old. This is the primary rule in order to rent a car in the country. You should also understand the older you are, better will be the rates offered by the rental company. If you are traveling with a group of people to Singapore, it would be better to ask the older one who has sound driving experience to sign the rental agreement with the company in order to enjoy the best offers.

You need to possess a valid international driving license issued in your home country in order to rent a car if you do not possess a local license in Singapore. This can be used for a year after which you will have to apply for a local license. If you are staying in the country for close to a month, it would be better to go for monthly car hire Singapore. When you go for rental plans for specific time periods, you will be provided with better rental tariffs.

You should make sure that the vehicle you rent out has an insurance coverage. Even if you are going for long or short term rental car Singapore, insurance coverage is mandatory. The coverage will help you to meet your medical expenses and pay for damages caused to the vehicle if at all you meet with a road mishap. If you drive around in a car that does not have a valid insurance coverage, you will have to pay hefty amounts as penal charges.

You will have to drive the vehicle through the left lane of the road in Singapore. This would also indicate that overtaking other vehicles is to be done through the right side only. Majority of the cars in the country are right-hand-drive and if you are uncomfortable with this setup, you can hire a chauffeur or choose a car that provides automatic transmission.

How to plan a week’s tour to Singapore

weekly car hire SingaporeThere are plenty of things to see and do in Singapore when you are visiting for a week. The country is packed with entertainment facilities, fabulous tourist spots, and restaurants that serve the tastiest of cuisines. You need to manage your time in an intelligent manner in order to travel around the country and have maximum fun. It would be ideal to go for weekly car hire Singapore in order to make your trip enjoyable.

Gardens by the Bay are one of the most beautiful tourist spots in the country that should be visited on the first day. The 101-hectare park will help you to enjoy some of the most beautiful moments with your special ones. You will be able to enjoy the beautiful sights in the park with your dear ones and click a lot of photos.

Chinatown and Little India are places that you should visit if you want to enjoy the beauty of various cultures. The streets are extremely beautiful and the restaurants in this area serve scrumptious delicacies at cheap rates. You should hire a car in Singapore to travel to these places with ease. Depending on buses and trains will spoil all the fun and cost you a lot of time.

Visit the National museum and Botanic Gardens on Day 3. The Botanic Gardens are home to some of the most beautiful varieties in the plant kingdom. You will love the plush green surroundings and the rare variety of orchids found in the place.

Spend the 4th day in Universal Studios. The place has plenty of fun options for people of all age groups. It would be the most exciting part of your trip if you are traveling with family.

Dedicate one day for Singapore Zoo and Night Safari. The Zoo is quite different from the night safari because of the extra bit of thrill offered.

A trip to the amazing amusement parks, underwater world, and planetarium will also be a great way to have fun during your trip to the country. You can avail budget car rental Singapore to travel to these places with ease.

On the last day, visit Orchard Road to buy your favorite goods at amazing rates. The place would be ideal to buy all sorts of stuff.

Include all these places in your trip sheet and enjoy the most splendid vacation with your dear ones!

How to save money on long term rent a car in Singapore

hire a car in SingaporeWhen you hire a car in Singapore, you will be able to enjoy a highly comfortable journey in the country whenever you are out on sightseeing trips. The same choice will come handy even when you are on a business trip to the country. You will be able to travel around the country without having to wait at the bus terminals for hours if you rent a car. You will also be able to avoid paying huge amounts as taxi fares to reach your preferred destinations in the country when you make this selection.

Plenty of offers are provided by the popular rental companies in the country. Grabbing the right offer that meets your needs is the most important thing to do. If you are planning to stay in the country for a long time, choosing monthly car hire Singapore or other long-term plans will fetch you the best rates. If you go for daily rentals, you will end up paying larger amount of money compared to the fixed-time rentals. The longer the period of rental better would be the savings too.

Choose a car that will comfortably accommodate you and your group without burning away a lot of fuel during each drive. This again will help you to save a lot of money, especially if you are planning to stay back for a long time. You will be able to easily find directions to your preferred destinations in the city with the help of signboards and the navigation systems installed in most of the vehicles. When you consider the taxi fares, the wait time at bus terminals and train stations, and the discomfort during each trip that you are forced to go through when you choose public transport facility, renting a car for long term would be the most cost effective option in Singapore.

If you are able to plan your trip in advance, you will be able to make all reservations in advance. When you book your flights and hotels, do not forget to place a booking with a good rental company too. Advanced reservations on long and short term car hire Singapore will always fetch you the best rates.

Some useful tips to hire a car in Singapore

car hire in SingaporeThe need for a car for visitors:

As you know Singapore is a popular tourist spot as also a business center. Thousands of people visit this island either for tour or on business visits. Most of these visitors will have tight schedule and therefore they cannot afford to spend time on public transport. It is for this reason; these visitors look for car hire in Singapore. These visitors look for some of the reputed cars hire agencies where they hire the car either for the day or for the duration of their visit.

Different models available:

One of the salient features of Singapore car hire company is they offer you different models of cars like sports car, SUV as also budget cars on hire. You can choose any of models available with the car rental agency. Naturally, the car rental depends on the model of the car you have chosen. The car rental agency will also provide you the services of an experienced chauffer. In fact, many of the car rental agencies also provide the services of experienced tourist guide. While hiring the car you will have to specify the duration for which you require the car. Normally, many of the car rental agencies will give discounts on cars hired for longer duration.

Points to be cared about:

Before hiring the car, you should ascertain about the rental pattern. Be specific about the number of days for which you want to hire the car. Normally, the agency will expect you to return the car on the appointed day because they will have to meet the booking made by other customer for the same car. In the normal course, tour operators suggest that you should book your car sufficiently in advance. This is particularly true during tourists season which starts from mid march to beginning of June. In fact, you can book your car online also. There are also several budget car rental Singapore where you will get exclusive models of budget cars. Before hiring the car you should ensure that the car rental agency gives you a copy of the relevant documents like the registration certificate and so on. You should also ensure the driver has valid driving license.

What are the benefits of renting a car?

car for hire in SingaporeIn order to travel around Singapore comfortably and to enjoy the fabulous entertainment facilities in the country without any sort of inconveniences, renting a car is the best available option. You will be able to enjoy plenty of benefits make you make this choice.

When you get a car for hire in Singapore, you can make your selection based on your exact need. You can choose a car according to the number of people traveling with you, the luggage you are planning to carry or even choose a particular brand that has always enticed you. The convenience offered is splendid. You will not be able to enjoy the same amount of comfort if you use the public transport facilities available in the country. You will have to wait for long durations at various places to hop into a bus or train and share your seat with strangers. When you go for car rental, you will be able to enjoy all the privacy you need during your drives to all places in the country.

If you are planning to stay back in Singapore for a long time, renting a car is a much more cost effective option compared to buying a new car. When you choose the best car rental deals in Singapore, you will be able to drive around in premium vehicles by paying nominal amounts. You will not have to pay the maintenance charges when you rent a car as this will be handled by the company. Once you take care of the rental charges, you will have to take care of the fuel charges alone.

Driving through the city roads and expressways in the country would make the trip to the country even more delightful. When you go for short term rental car Singapore, you will be provided with the option of choosing a car from a premium range of vehicles according to your price range. If you are a speed enthusiast, you will be able to get behind the wheels of a powerful sports car during your trip to the country. You will be also able to enjoy some excellent services when you rent a car. You will be picked from the airport when you arrive in the country and dropped back when you are done with the trip if you make an advanced reservation.