The new driving laws in Singapore

speed limit

Singapore is a country that has very strict law and order guidelines. The country has very stringent rules regarding the traffic rules too. If you adhere to the rules, you will be able to enjoy your tours in the country without any hassle. It will also be of great help to stay safe when you opt for cheap car rental in Singapore. There are strict rules regarding the speed limits in different types of roads in the country. Hence, when you go for monthly car hire Singapore, you should make sure that you do not go for cars that offer nothing but amazing speeds. You will not be able to drive in any road in the country at speeds more than 100kmph. You should give predominant importance to the comfort facilities as well when you rent a car. Here are some of the new driving laws in the country. These are majorly related to the use of mobile phones while driving in the country

mobile device while driving

Holding a mobile device while driving a not allowed in the country. Earlier the law stated that making calls and texting were banned but as per the latest rules, you will not even be allowed to hold your mobile phone while driving. In most of the other countries, you are allowed to hold the phones while driving and the penalties and legal charges come into action only when you make a call or text someone.

As young drivers, you might find it hard to drive around in the country without having access to your mobile phones. Since you are not even allowed to hold the phones, you might find it hard to check your social media pages or even answer emergency calls when you are driving. You can however use a mobile phone that is mounted on to the vehicle. You will be able to place the phone on speaker phone and answer calls during emergency situations.

You can also use mobile phones when the vehicle is stationary but not at red lights. This means that you can pull over during the drives when needed and answer calls or reply to text messages without attracting any penalties.


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