Most Parents Don’t Know They Are Using A Wrong Car Seat. Do You? – Car Rental

When you set out on a drive with your little ones, you should pay immense attention to their safety. If you run into an unfortunate road mishap, your kids will be in real danger if proper safety measures are not in place. The impact faced by the kids on the event of a road accident would be more than triple compared to what would be faced by an adult during a similar situation. Installing child seats is very important while going on drives with kids. However, you should install the right kind of child seats depending on the age of your little ones. You should specifically ask for these child seats when you go to a car rental Singapore to choose a car for your city drives and sightseeing tours. You should be extra careful if you’re not someone who loves to take the seat behind the wheels and would rather assign the task to one of the young drivers in your group. You would rely on seatbelts and airbags for your safety but child seats of the right kind is highly important for the safety of your little ones.

#1 Rear-facing


The normal child seats will not do you any good if you’re traveling with infants. When you go on a drive with infants onboard, you should make sure that rear-facing seatbelts are installed. When you’re traveling with kids who are less than 2 years old, you would need to pay special attention to keep them safe. When you use rear-facing child seats, your kids will remain safe even if the vehicle is to be brought to rest all of a sudden.

#2 Forward-facing


Forward-facing child seats are to be used if the kids are at least 2 years old and not more than 7 years old. Majority of the companies that offer budget car rental Singapore would provide you with good quality front-facing child seats for the safety of your kids without charging you any extra amounts.

#3 Booster


Kids who fall in between the ages 4 to 12 are supposed to use booster seats. Adult seats are to be installed only if your kids are over 12 years old or at least 4ft 11inches tall. Booster child seats will provide with extra protection and will ensure the safety of your kids. These child seats will match with the curiousness that kids who fall in this age group have in mind all the time!


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