What are the rules for car rental in Singapore?

car rental in SingaporeSingapore is a country that is visited by quite a lot of tourists around the world, every day. This is mainly because of the tourist-friendly norms prevailing in the country. You will hence be able to enjoy topnotch facilities without going through any sort of difficulties. You can rent a car in Singapore with ease if you choose a good rental company. Here are the major rules that you need to know.

You need to be at least 18 years old. This is the primary rule in order to rent a car in the country. You should also understand the older you are, better will be the rates offered by the rental company. If you are traveling with a group of people to Singapore, it would be better to ask the older one who has sound driving experience to sign the rental agreement with the company in order to enjoy the best offers.

You need to possess a valid international driving license issued in your home country in order to rent a car if you do not possess a local license in Singapore. This can be used for a year after which you will have to apply for a local license. If you are staying in the country for close to a month, it would be better to go for monthly car hire Singapore. When you go for rental plans for specific time periods, you will be provided with better rental tariffs.

You should make sure that the vehicle you rent out has an insurance coverage. Even if you are going for long or short term rental car Singapore, insurance coverage is mandatory. The coverage will help you to meet your medical expenses and pay for damages caused to the vehicle if at all you meet with a road mishap. If you drive around in a car that does not have a valid insurance coverage, you will have to pay hefty amounts as penal charges.

You will have to drive the vehicle through the left lane of the road in Singapore. This would also indicate that overtaking other vehicles is to be done through the right side only. Majority of the cars in the country are right-hand-drive and if you are uncomfortable with this setup, you can hire a chauffeur or choose a car that provides automatic transmission.


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