Why do people buy cars with manual transmission?

Singapore car hire companyWhen you decide to buy a car, you will be provided with two choices – the ones running on automatic transmission and the ones with a manual gearbox. Majority of the people prefer the cars with a manual gearbox even though sifting gears is not always the most comfortable things to do, especially on the busy roads. However, majority of the people do not consider this as a setback. Here are some of the reasons.

Better traveling comfort is provided by the cars that have manual transmission. Majority of the chauffeur driven vehicles are powered by engines that run on manual transmission because of the better comfort provided. Even though the gears are to be shifted often, the ride quality would be better when you choose vehicles with manual transmission. The engine will be smoother and the maintenance would also be easier. Even when you go for short term car hire Singapore, getting a vehicle with a manual gearbox is a much better option if you want to enjoy your rides.

Easy acceleration is provided by the cars that run on manual transmission. You will be able to increase the speeds according to your needs in an easier manner if you shift the gears and apply full throttle. The time taken by the cars with auto-transmission to achieve the same speed levels would be quite higher. The rate of acceleration is always better for cars running on manual transmission. Majority of the people who choose weekly car rental Singapore, prefer cars with manual transmission because of the better acceleration provided.

You will have a greater variety of cars to choose from when you go for cars with manual transmission. Not all models of cars are available with an auto-transmission engine system. However majority of the vehicles that run on auto transmission are available with a manual gearbox too. When you look at the fleet of vehicles at a Singapore car hire company, you will definitely find more cars with manual transmission. There will be very limited vehicles powered by an auto-transmission engine. If you want more options to choose from, cars with manual transmission would definitely be the better choice.


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