What should you know before renting a car

When you have to rent a car to meet your travel needs, you might have plenty of concerns to address. The rules and regulations prevailing in the place, the terms and conditions that you will have to sign with the company and many other issues will cross through your mind when you decide to rent a vehicle. Singapore is a country that attracts quite a lot of people because of the great vacation spots and the attractive business options available. In order to travel around comfortably without wasting your time to hop into a bus or train, renting a car is definitely the best option. How to do this without facing any difficulties? Here are few things that you should know before renting a car in the country.

What are the driving rules in the country?

Before you get a car for rent in the country, you should understand the driving rules in detail. You need to first of all hold a valid driving license issued in Singapore or an international license issued in your home country if you are on a short term visit to the country. You should also hold a valid passport to rent a car in the country. The vehicles take up the left side of the road and overtake through the right. Hence, the driving seat of the cars is located towards the right side which might be different from what you have seen in your home country. You should keep the headlights on irrespective of the weather conditions and natural light from 7PM to 7AM. Wearing seatbelts is mandatory for all passengers.

Which is the best car to choose?

You need to make this choice before considering any other factors. You need narrow down your choices to a particular model initially but you should definitely decide on a class of vehicle. This has to be decided based on your requirements. If you are traveling with a lot of people, renting multiple cars might not be a good option. You can instead take a MUV on short term rental car Singapore. This will provide you with adequate comfort facilities and will help you to save money. However, if you are traveling with a couple of others, you should not rent out a huge vehicle. Renting a compact vehicle would be the best thing to do during such situations because it will be easier for the city drives and also to find parking space in the busy places.

How to enjoy the best rates?

In order to enjoy the best rates, advanced booking is a good option. When you go for rentals for specified periods, you will be able to enjoy attractive rates. If you are planning to stay back in the country for at least 5 days, choosing weekly rental car Singapore will be a more affordable deal compared to the daily fares. If you are planning to stay back for a longer period, going for monthly car rental Singapore will be the most wallet-friendly option. If you need the car for a week, it is always better to book the vehicle for one or two extra days in advance in order to avoid fines. Late returns will be charged with heavy penalties.

Renting a car is the best option to travel in Singapore. Choose a reputed rental provider in the country and enjoy the best rates!

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