Do I need car insurance to drive a car I rented?

car for hire in SingaporeAccording to the road traffic rules in Singapore, it is mandatory to get the vehicle you are driving insured before you even taken it out to the roads. The same rule is applicable even when you take a car for hire in Singapore. You need to verify this when you sign the deal with a rental company in the country. Ask the executive who talks to you about the rental details, the terms and conditions involved, and the rates to provide you with the details of the coverage too. You need to understand the type of coverage you are provided with before you hit the roads. Different types of insurance coverage are available.

In case of road mishaps, the insurance will help you come out of the trouble. If the vehicle has full cover insurance, you will be able to get the damages caused to the car in the event of an accident, repaired by paying very little money from your pocket. In most cases, the total expenses involved in getting the repair done and parts replaced are handled by the insurance company. When you go for long or short term rental car Singapore, it is recommended to opt for the full cover insurance. If you want a cheaper offer, you can go for the third-party insurance coverage and drive the car without any trouble. However, this type of insurance will not take care of any sort of damages caused either to you or to the repairs caused to the vehicle. You will have to spend money from your pocket in case you meet with an accident and get the vehicle damaged. It is hence better to go for the full cover insurance when you rent a car.

The car insurance provided by the rental company will be the most cost effective deal available in the country. The terms and conditions will also be customized the match the profile of a foreign traveler. The best car rental deals in Singapore will provide you with the most attractive rates for insurance too. Compared to the insurance services provided by any others, the ones offered by the rental companies would always be the most cost effective deals because of the good tie-ups these companies have with the insurance providers. Hence, make sure you get the insurance coverage when you rent a car in the country.


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