Transport facilities in Singapore

car rental SingaporeA vacation would be wonderful only if you are able to meet all your needs without any difficulties. The accommodation and food options matter a lot when you travel to a place away from home. The travel options available in the place for to see places also matter a lot in making a vacation enjoyable. Singapore being an excellent business hub and popular vacation spot provides different transport facilities to the visitors. Here are some of the most sought after transport facilities available in the country.


The moment you step out of Singapore airport, you will come across long queues. People from different parts of the world wait for long durations in order to get into an airport taxi. The sight of taxis hence starts form the time you land in the country. The cabs are however not a cheap option. You will have to pay huge amounts each time you hop in and proceed to a place of your choice. You will however be able to enjoy a hassle free ride. All the taxis will be metered in order to avoid disputes related to the travel fares. The cabs will also be air-conditioned. If you are planning to travel by taxi in the country for your sight-seeing trips you should place your bookings before 4PM in order to get one easily. During the peak hours, which are usually after 4PM, it is very difficult to book a taxi.


The bus service in the country is excellent. You will be able to travel around the country enjoying great comfort in the buses. Double-decker buses are also available in the country. You can easily travel between major towns or within a neighborhood in these buses. Bus services are available to take you from one industrial area to another too. You can even travel across the causeway to the neighboring country Malaysia by bus with ease.


The Mass Rapid Transit network, popularly known as the MRT network is the name for rail services in the country. You need to know the MRT stations in a place in order to catch a train. There are MRT stations in all major parts of the country and the comfort facilities provided is excellent. You will have to however walk in and out of the MRT stations and plan your journeys according to the trip schedules in order to use the train services in the country.

Vehicle Rental

If you want to enjoy all the comfort you need without compromising on your privacy, you should get a car for hire in Singapore. There are many companies that offer car rental Singapore at attractive rates. You can book your private car even before you book your flight tickets to reach the country. The online portals provide an amazing range of vehicles to choose from at unbelievable rates to make your trips within the country easy and comfortable. Compared to all other travel modes available, traveling by a rented car is the best option. If you go for short term car hire Singapore with a pre-specified rental period you will be able to enjoy stunning deals in the country that will make your vacations truly amazing.

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