Top benefits of short term car rental in Singapore

budget car hire SingaporeWhen you rent a car in Singapore to serve your travel needs, you will be able to enjoy plenty of benefits. In any place, having a personal vehicle will help you to travel around in a more comfortable and time saving manner and Singapore with its excellent roads make this easier. There are different types of car rentals available in the country. If you are planning to stay back in the country for a certain period, with fixed dates, it would be better to go for long or short term rental car Singapore.

Availability of your favorite cars

You might have always dreamt of taking the seat behind the wheels of many premium cars. You would have watched people driving around in luxury vehicles with envy filled eyes back in your homeland. You can make your dream of driving a premium car come true when you travel to Singapore. When you choose the short term rental option, you will be able to choose from a range of premium cars. You can drive around in Audis and BMWs for attractive rates when you choose a good car rental company. You can also go for budget car hire Singapore and choose entry level sedans or hatchbacks, if those are the cars you wish to drive. You can make your selection after going through the wide range of hatchbacks and compact sedans available in the vehicle fleet of major rental companies.

Attractive rates

Finding a rental company in the country that provides attractive rates is not a hard row to hoe. You will be able to save lots of money on transport when you have a personal vehicle. The buses and trains in the country connects you easily with all major places but when you consider your needs, you would find renting a car in the country a better option. This is because the buses and trains do not take you to your doorsteps. You might have to get down from the bus or train and then hire a cab in order to reach your preferred location. When you have a personal vehicle, you do not have to worry about such things. Moreover, short term car rental plans are economically more viable compared to the daily rental fares.

Better facilities

Even when you opt for cheap car hire in Singapore, you will be able to enjoy plenty of extra benefits. Airport transfers are one of the most commonly provided perks by the rental companies. When you place your reservations with the rental company, you will have to provide the date on which you want the service to start and the time by which you would arrive in the country. You will be provided with the option of complimentary airport transfer facility which you can avail by providing the pickup time. The company will send the car and a chauffeur to the airport to pick you up. Some of the rental companies even provide you with attractive discount coupons at restaurants and shopping malls which will help you to enjoy additional savings.

The short term car rental facility available in Singapore is definitely a huge boon to travelers from different parts of the globe.


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