Things to know when you rent a car in Singapore

rent a car in SingaporeYou need to understand the road rules before you rent a car in Singapore. You need to drive the vehicles through the left side of the roads. This will also mean that overtaking is to be done through the right side. You should also understand that the vehicles have the steering wheel in the right ride. This might seem quite different from the vehicles that you find in many of the western countries. If you have difficulties in shifting gears when you drive a right-hand-drive vehicle, you always have the option of renting one with auto transmission. If you choose a rental company in the country that has a large fleet of vehicles, you will be able to choose a good car with auto transmission. All major hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs, from the top car manufacturers in the country, come in the auto transmission variant as well. You can also ask for the services of a chauffeur, if needed, when you rent the car.

You need to take into consideration the likes of the people traveling with you in order to choose the right car. If you are traveling with only one or two others, it is always better to go for a small car. There is no point in renting out a large car if there is no need for the same. You should remember that smaller vehicles are easier to drive through the busy traffic also to park. However, if you have plenty of luggage or too many companions, it is better to go for a Multi Utility Vehicle. You can easily find a company offering budget car rental Singapore with plenty of MUV vehicles to choose from when you travel around the country. You can also place your bookings for the same through the online portals.

Are you planning to go on long drives often during the trip to Singapore? Do you intend to travel to Malaysia by road from the country during your trip? If you answered yes to both or either one of these questions, it is better to go for a Sports Utility Vehicle or a premium sedan. Since there are plenty of rental companies in the country, finding a company that offer budget car hire Singapore  with premium sedans and SUVs is no hassle. All major automobile manufacturers around the world come up with amazing models in the country. You can hence rent out your favorite brand of car during your trip to the country. If you are planning to stay in the country for long durations, you can also check out the car leasing option provided by plenty of rental companies. You will be able to get a personal car for all your travel needs at real cheap rates when you go for long term car rental or car lease services.

When you choose a company to rent a car, you can ask them to provide airport transfer services too. This can be done only if you place the reservations in advance. Majority of the car rental companies in the country provide this service for free. You will be able to travel to your place of accommodation with ease when this facility is provided. Hence, do not forget to ask for the same when you make the reservations to rent a car.


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